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Its Slow Time In NFL Right Now

Well, technically Russell Wilson WAS a backup QB drafted in the 3rd round. He wasn't intended to be our starter when he was drafted. Coming into camp, Flynn was the clear started, but Russell just flat out took the job from him. nfl jerseys cheap Pete Carroll told Flynn he had to win the starting job, the same as he told Tavaris Jackson and Russell Wilson. Pete said it would be a competition. He took a lot of flak for that, but in the end it was a brilliant move. nfl jerseys free shipping If this had happened, Wilson would be the starting quarterback for the Panthers. He'd make Panthers fans forget about Cam. He'd be Cam's mom's favorite player.

It's really easy to say something like this after the fact. For a team with as many needs as Carolina, why even look at backup qb as a priority? They actually don't have that many needs. But the one's they do have they don't have the cap to fix. carolina panthers jersey Panthers drafting Russell Wilson as a backup to Cam in LAST YEARS draft. Seattle took him before that could happen. This is not a present day trade discussion between the Panthers and Seahawks seattle seahawks jersey. Just filler articles to kill time.

People who say 'Is this news" are totally missing the point. Even when they click on acutal news items. When they click on sports headlines and demand "news" they look even sillier.


by wishlife | 2013-04-15 15:06 | NFL


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